Telic’s Health Initiative: Nurturing Employee Well-Being Through Tech and Nutrition

At Telic, our focus extends beyond numbers and tax; we are deeply committed to the health and well-being of our team. In response to recent health challenges within our team, we’ve taken a pioneering step to improve workplace wellness.

A Journey Inspired by Health Tech Pioneers 🚀

Yogesh Patel, our Managing Director and a proponent of the transformative power of fitness and health tech, was inspired by the insights of Tim Spector and Jessie Inchauspe (known as the Glucose Goddess). He ventured into the realm of blood glucose monitoring using the Freestyle Libre sensor, a journey that proved to be an eye-opener. This led to a thought-provoking question: What if the entire Telic team embarked on this health journey?

Embracing a 12-Week Health “Revolution” 💪

After a unanimous ‘yes’ from a team-wide survey, we embarked on a 12-week Health Plan, initially focusing on glucose monitoring for the first two weeks. This isn’t a passing trend; it’s a scientifically grounded approach that identifies blood glucose as a crucial health indicator. Our discovery? Diet significantly impacts glucose levels and stabilising these levels enhances focus while reducing fatigue.

Nutritional Guidance from an Expert 🥗

This quarter, we enlisted the expertise of Nutritionist Aarti Bhanderi-Shah from Your Plate to oversee our 12-week programme. Aarti’s knowledge in blood glucose monitoring has been instrumental in steering our team towards healthier dietary practices.

Discoveries and Collaborations 💡

Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

  • Blood Glucose Insights: Our team’s initial two-week experience with the Freestyle Libre sensor was transformative. We gained a clear understanding of our individual blood glucose levels, empowering us to make informed dietary choices and manage blood sugar spikes more effectively. An important lesson learned was the sequence in which we consume food – fibre first, then carbohydrates. Additionally, enjoying sweet treats immediately after meals, rather than as stand-alone snacks, helps manage these spikes.🌡️ 
  • Team Collaboration: A vibrant Health WhatsApp group chat has been established, fostering a community where we share healthy recipes and insights.🤝
  • Personalised Nutrition Strategies: Aarti’s personalised guidance has been vital in helping us achieve various health goals, including boosting energy and enhancing sleep quality.📈 

The Telic Philosophy: Wellness Transcends Work 🏆

At Telic, we believe that a healthy team benefits not only us but also our clients. We are focusing on nurturing a work culture where well-being and professional success are intertwined.

Once we complete our 12-week journey, we share further insights or do speak to any of us about our health journey! 

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