Team Telic at Moor Park 10k: We did it!

On Sunday 24th September 2023, we swapped our calculators and spreadsheets for running shoes and race bibs, as Telic proudly sponsored the Moor Park 10k fun run & walk for the second consecutive year.

The race, renowned not just for its challenging hills and scenic beauty but also for its profound cause, was an initiative to raise funds for the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre in Northwood – a great space for treatment and therapy for those needing cancer care.

Our association with the event wasn’t just as sponsors but as enthusiastic participants. At Telic, we are strong advocates of Health & Wellbeing and we are pleased to say that ahead of the event there was some rigorous training amongst the team!

On the day the atmosphere was nothing short of electric. The heartwarming sight of our local community, family, friends and clients coming together, not just to support a noble cause but also to champion fitness, was truly memorable. With the sun shining brightly, there was an undeniable sense of unity and shared purpose in the air, making it a day to remember.  

We were also lucky to have marathon maestro Piyush Malde join Team Telic again this year!  Piyush has an astounding 121 marathons under his belt from across the globe, his presence was both inspirational and motivational for our team and fellow runners.

In conclusion, the Moor Park 10k was not just another event for Team Telic; it was a testament to our commitment to community, fitness, and making a difference. We’re already looking forward to next year and hope to see many more of you join us on this journey!


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