We are thrilled to announce that Telic is now a B Corp business and one of the first London based accountancy firms to obtain the B Corp accreditation! 

Telic means to ‘express purpose’ and this announcement is tangible evidence of our desire to balance profit with purpose.

Certified B Corps are committed to balancing profit with people and planet, and they promote a more sustainable business culture.

It has certainly been a journey for us with lots of heavy lifting and a real eye opener pushing us to think deep about how we do business and interact with all our stakeholders, not just clients.

Glenn Colins, Interim Head of ACCA stated the following:

“Congratulations to Telic on achieving B Corp status. This is wonderful news for the firm, but it is also fantastic news for the accounting sector as a whole as it continues to develop and flourish with integrated thinking, expertise and action to support all business.”

Learn more about our B Corp journey here and about the B Corp movement here.

Source:| 03-11-2022