Downsizing the family home, now the kids have left?

Downsizing Facts and Figures Now the kids have left, are you thinking to let of go your family home and move to something smaller, or settle in your dream location? Dealing With ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ or Considering Downsizing Your Home? If so, it’s worth trying to understand how the new Inheritance tax downsizing rules work […]

Capital Gains Tax On Immovable Property For Non-Residents

Since 6 April 2015, non-residents holding UK residential property have been within the scope of UK capital gains tax (CGT). Without much warning, in the Autumn Budget 2017, a tax policy of more than 50 years designed to encourage overseas investment into UK real estate was reversed. From April 2019, CGT will apply to non-residents […]

Major changes for Non-UK Resident Companies

Non-resident companies chargeable to corporation tax From 6 April 2020 significant changes come into effect for non-resident companies. The income from UK property received by these companies currently chargeable to income tax on the UK taxable property income, will become chargeable to corporation tax. These companies would then be subject to the rules which apply […]