Becoming B Corp

A blueprint for continued improvement

The last 18 months have been busy for the team here at telic.  A re-launch of the firm under the name telic, (which means to act with purpose) and our recent B Corp accreditation, have been a source of excitement and pride.  Both actions have been our way of signalling to our team, our clients, and the wider world that we want to be the best business that we can be and to lead with purpose beyond the daily remit of our roles.

What does B Corp mean?

B Corp certification means that we are a part of a growing community that believes in inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic systems for all people and the planet.  Through the B Corporation organization, we have committed to challenging global problems that cannot be solved by governments and non-profits alone. Being a B Corp means that we commit to positively impacting all stakeholders – workers, communities, customers, and our planet.

A stake in the ground for good business

It is a privilege to achieve B Corp status as it puts us in a great place to drive our strategy of business for good under the title “Start small, Think BIG.  It feels such an achievement to  join companies such as Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s and Coutts’s who are also wanting to drive the ethical, social and sustainable agenda forwards.   We think this is pretty special. 

But in our minds, this is only the start of our journey and not the end.  In being B Corp, we have a roadmap for constant improvement.  Our score of 80.2 after assessment across 5 impact areas is just the beginning for us and over the next few years, we’ll be working hard to push that closer to 100 and beyond.  

B Corp has given us an energy and a sense of momentum which we hope will prove “infectious” to our team and our clients.

“B Corp has given us a reason to get up in the morning beyond doing our jobs.  It means that we are part of a community who are doing good things and who are encouraging their own teams and clients to improve themselves personally and professionally.  We know that this will be the impetus that will drive the business and our team forward well into the future.”

Yogesh Patel

A modern-day movement to inspire, attract and achieve

Let’s be clear, becoming B Corp is not just a shiny badge for us.  Our intent is to inspire and attract the talent and the businesses that feel the same way as us.  This will be a slow but purposeful process that will start at grassroots and be a serious commitment from the team from the start.  A commitment that is understood and embedded in everything we do.

“For me personally, I’m a lot more conscious about my own personal and professional practices.  The B Corp process has opened my eyes to how we can all contribute to a better world”

Nicola Shaw

ACCA Qualified, B Corp Accredited

Today’s world is all about balance and with two prestigious accreditations under our belts signalling our sector expertise and our desire to do good business, we believe that we are moving very gradually to finding that equilibrium that the world truly needs.

“We’re going to get better.  We are going to dissect the 5 pillars further to understand how we can achieve more for the business and for the world.  This isn’t a fleeting moment in time, it’s going to be our guide for the next 5, 10 even 20 years to come.”

Yogesh Patel

We are always happy to chat about our experiences with the B Corp process, if you’d like to know more and about how you can start the accreditation process get in touch.

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