We are a B Corp business

Telic means to ‘express purpose’ and we believe that businesses have a responsibility to make a positive difference and balance profit with purpose. To support this core value of ours, we are privileged to announce that we have achieved B Corp Certification, which means that we are part of a growing community that meets some of the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

We are proud to be one of the first B Corp accountancy firms in London and one of ten across the UK. The B Corp community includes Patagonia, Danone and Octopus.

“Congratulations to telic on achieving B Corp status.  This is wonderful news for the firm, but it is also fantastic news for the accounting sector as a whole as it  continues to develop and flourish with integrated thinking, expertise and action to support all business.”

Glenn Collins, ACCA

Head of Technical and Strategic Engagement

“It’s not enough to be an accountant, we want to support people who change the world.  That would be a great legacy for telic”

Yogesh Patel, Director

What does it mean for our clients?

Our clients can be reassured that our commitment to good business practices is baked into the heart of our firm.  The B Corp accreditation is a great accolade but, most importantly, provides us with the impetus and structure to continue our journey of consistent improvement both socially, economically, ethically and environmentally.

This accreditation proves that we not only talk about good business practice, but we put in place actions to ensure that we do what we say.  And this is the fundamental difference.

This accreditation gives our suppliers and our clients a sense of how we do business.  

What does it mean for our team?

Our team are as passionate as we are about doing business for good.  The journey to achieving B Corp status has been illuminating for everyone involved.

We want future talent to see telic as an employer of choice where the traditional benefits are just the start and the future facing strategy and objectives are something which they want to be a part of.  

“For me personally, I’m a lot more conscious about my own personal and professional practices.  The B Corp process has opened my eyes to how we can all contribute to a better world”

Nicola Shaw

Office Manager


Telic’s Overall B Impact Score

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Making a positive impact is one of our core values. We want to do business and work with those who feel the same as us.