A well-deserved team lunch celebrating the end of the personal tax season

January was a busy time in the accounting world and having time out after end of year was really important. We’re a tight knit team and so events to celebrate our successes are a very social and intimate affair. Thanks goes to our team (our workers) who work so hard, Telic is nothing without them. Read more […]

Becoming B Corp

A blueprint for continued improvement The last 18 months have been busy for the team here at telic.  A re-launch of the firm under the name telic, (which means to act with purpose) and our recent B Corp accreditation, have been a source of excitement and pride.  Both actions have been our way of signalling […]

How Can You Benefit From the Capital Gains Tax Deadline Extension?

Something that went under the radar of the latest budget report was the deadline to submit capital gains tax return (and pay any tax due) on the disposal of UK homes has now been extended from 30 to 60 days, with immediate effect. The 30-day deadline has been criticised since introduction, and we now hope […]

Does Your Estate Planning Pass the Test?

At Godley & Co we can help people in the London area with inheritance tax planning and estate planning. Here are some useful pointers… It is never too early to plan your estate. If it is large, it could be exposed to inheritance tax at 40%, and if it is small, advance planning can help […]

Creating Green Growth

This year will see the UK host COP26, where parties from around the world will gather together to find ways to work towards the goal of a low-carbon future. The UK government itself must accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions in order to hit the country’s climate target by 2050. The desire to reach these […]

Planning for a Year’s Prosperity

As a professional firm of accountants, Telic can advise people in the London area on a wide range of tax and financial planning issues, so that you make the most of your wealth. Income tax Use Your Personal Tax Reliefs Capital and the related income can normally be transferred between husband and wife or civil […]

The Telic Brand Journey

For most people, branding is a bit of a mystery, it certainly was for the Telic team. I’m sure we all know what a brand is, but when it comes to branding, we soon found that there’s more to it than meets the eye. Fundamentally we’ve learned that it isn’t the fluffy nonsense that we […]

Giving to Charity

As experienced accountants, Telic can advise on a range of issues when it comes to giving to charity. We can help individuals and businesses in London to make use of the available tax reliefs and to maximise the value of their donations. We consider the options available for individuals considering making tax-effective gifts to charity. […]